The Kitchen Stove

For a serious cook, the kitchen range is the function heart of the kitchen. Many people prefer to cook with gas since there is so much more control and accuracy in temperature on the stove top cooking but there are many places where an electric stove is your only choice. There are many features available on an electric stove that are not available on a gas range. Self cleaning is one of the big ones. I have used this feature, and I must admit I really like it. There is nothing worst that baking delicate deserts in a dirty oven. Many people are of the opinion that the electric oven has a more actuate temperature. It is a dryer heat so if you are looking for a crisper outside on your meat, the electric oven is the way to go.

If you have a choice, there are several different ways to go. You can consider a gas range top with separate electric baking ovens placed in a different section of the kitchen. We have used this configuration and it works well.

You can have a built in grill, great for pancakes, omelets or grilled sandwiches. An open grill is marvelous for grilling meats, from steaks to hamburgers and hot dogs. The burner sections are still there giving you a great deal of flexibility in whatever configuration you want.

We do strongly recommend that you think about double ovens. This feature adds so much to the value of your kitchen for resale as well as the functionality. Once you have used the double oven setup, you will not want to go back to struggling around the use of just one. Be sure to allow sufficient ventilation with both areas.

In designing the areas around the kitchen stove in your new kitchen, make sure that there is enough counter space. If you do a major amount of baking, consider cooling racks close enough to the ovens so that you will have some safe space for your hot goodies directly out of the oven.

No matter which method of cooking you decide to use, gas or electric. Look to include safe space around so that when you are cooking, you can enjoy not only the wonderful sights and scents coming from the kitchen stove but also you can have company (friends or family) as well.

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