The All Important Kitchen Sink

Ah yes, the all import kitchen sink. We spend so much time there; but we still actually forget how the size, shape and configuration can improve the function. This is modern times where form and function go together more than just in words.

Placement is a huge part of your choice of sinks. If you have a window (please say yes) consider using the window as a spice and herb garden area. The moisture from the sink is certainly a plus for growing green things. The ability to look outside while your hands are in hot soapy water just does something good for the soul. Watching children or a garden can be soothing and refreshing at the same time; as well as being able to make sure the little ones are fine. In addition, you may be able to find a little peace and quiet that is yours alone.

Tall Faucet Double Kitchen SinkMake sure that the placement of the dishwasher will be directly beside the main sink; place it according to your major hand (right-handed or left-handed) so that it is convenient for you. Do not hesitate to place the dishwasher close to the cabinets that will hold the majority of what you will be washing. Again, I am off subject, sorry, more on dishwashers later.

There are some things that are mandatory for a kitchen sink, especially if you can only have one. A double sink where at least one side is deep is, without question, a necessity. I actually like the sinks that have a small third area in the center where the disposal is located; that way you can also have access to the disposal without having to fight through dishes. I also demand an instant hot water faucet.

How many times do you use hot water for a recipe or for a fast cup of tea or coffee? Too many times not to have one of these marvelous additions. They are inexpensive and oh so convenient. I promise you, if you have one just once, you will never do without this small appliance.

If you have room for an island, consider a second sink for preparation work. You have space to work and the refrigerator should be within easy reach. Again, put in a sink that is wide and fairly deep. This one does not need to be as deep as the main sink. You will be using this one to wash fruits and vegetables as well as the prep work for meals, which means you will have scraps so that you need a second disposal. The faucet should be arched high enough to be able to fill a large pot without causes a problem or a mess. An extra spray is a requirement. If you chose a faucet that has a built in spray that is detachable, make sure that there will be room under the sink so that the hose will not get hung up when you want it to retract.

I like both stainless steel and porcelain sinks. The care is different for each, but common sense is the biggest factor keeping your kitchen sinks looking great.

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