Kitchen Island – A Must Have

Do not even think about remodeling your kitchen without plans for an island as large as you can afford the space to make it. A kitchen island is worth its weight in gold for extra under-the-counter storage space as well as the wonderful counter top work space.

There are all kinds and shapes of kitchen islands. From one that has bar stool seating so everyone can ‘gather round’ …to the completely stand-alone island that says, ‘don’t crowd me, I work alone’.

If you have the option, think about putting in a second sink in your island. It makes prep work so much easier as the dirty dishes are in one sink and the eatables are at the other. You will find that you will use this second sink as much as your main one for not only the prep work but also in cleaning and washing fruits, vegetable and meats to be put away after coming in from the market.

A kitchen island is a great place for storage of large kitchen pots as well as an under the counter ice maker. Also, a second garbage disposable in the second sink, is very handy when entertaining groups or preparing large quantities of food.

But the real plus for me, is the extra counter top space. I don’t know about you, but I always seem to be looking for space to set something down. Most critically, when I take ‘hot’ pans out of the oven and need to set them down NOW. What a great space for cooling holiday cookies. People can walk through and help themselves to some of the variety of the marvelous stuff that is coming from your cooking talent and your new ovens.

Another of my most favorite uses of the kitchen island is setting out a buffet dinner on the top with the dishes and linens at the start of the line of food. Desserts are always set on one of the other counters with fresh plates and silver. It can be an elegant way to serve or an extremely causal way, depending on the meal and the guests.

I cannot stress the extra use of space that a kitchen island gives you – extra storage – extra counter top – extra sitting space – and extra pride in a kitchen well designed.

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