Kitchen Freezer

One of the major appliances for any kitchen is a freezer. Make sure that when you are going over your remodeling plans, you make room for a separate freezer in the kitchen. (I personally never found one freezer enough so we had two more in the garage along with 2 or 3 more refrigerators.)

I prefer the upright freezer to the chest type, but there is certainly a place for the chest freezer. The upright is built like a refrigerator with adjustable shelves. When certain fruits were in season, we would peel, pare and freeze and then eat our favorite fruits all year long. Great eating!! Blue berries or raspberries – any berry, we would wash and set on wax paper in the freezer with space between the berries so they would freeze as individual fruit. After the fruit was frozen, we would then package them in quart or pint-sized containers. You can begin to see why one freezer was sometimes not enough.

When you find a sale on frozen vegetables, meat or fruit, you can stock up. Chicken, in particular, freezes well as long as you vacuum pack the parts. Air is the big enemy when freezing food. If you live in the desert where citrus grows, freeze the juice in small enough qualities to use. You can freeze lemon or lime juice in ice trays; that works great. Grapefruit sections freeze well. We also diced onion, mushrooms, sliced green, red and yellow bell peppers for freezing while they were in season. Many main dishes that make large qualities well, like Marinara sauce or Lasagna we would cook multiple pans full and freeze what we did not serve that day.

When choosing a freezer, there are several things that should factor into your decision. Are you replacing your refrigerator at the same time? If you are, then look at buying a matched set for your new kitchen. The odd ones (freezer and/or refrigerator) can easily go into the downstairs game room or the garage. Keep them inside if at all possible. They will stay colder and last longer if they are protected from the elements. As you can see, a freezer can be one of the most versatile appliances in your kitchen.

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