Kitchen Dishwasher

The kids are off to school, your spouse is out the door on the way to work and you have a few minutes to load up the dishes from breakfast – stick the few dishes that were dirtied last night after the dishwasher was run with dinner dishes, hit the buttons and walk out the door on the way to your office.

Since no one will be home while the dishwasher is running, it does not matter how loud it is or how long it takes. Unless you went upstairs to take a shower or a long hot bath; then both are a problem. We solved one of the problems by adding a second 100 gallon water heater. (The length of my showers increased dramatically – and my spirits were vastly improved.)

The new dishwashers are so much better designed than even a few years ago. With better insulation technology, the noise factor can be cut to nearly zero. That was my biggest complaint with them – they were simply too noisy! You certainly cannot say that any more.

With the latest mechanisms that increase the water pressure for some of the wash cycles, you truly do not have to prewash most of the dishes. I find that egg protein is still one of the hardest foods to remove. So I do wash or prewash the breakfast dishes before sticking them in the dishwasher. Why do that twice, you might wonder. Well, the dishwashers use water that is far hotter than I can stand – and therefore it does a better job at sterilizing than I can.

One thing that is common to all dishwashers. They have a dispenser for a rinse additive. I like to use white vinegar. Not only does it help the dishes rinse clean of any soap scum but it also helps keep the pipes clear and clean.

You can set your dishwasher to whatever time you want the dishes to be done, so you can take advantage of lower cost utilities and the fact that you are asleep. You get up in the morning to a dishwasher filled with clean dishes. Somehow that just makes your day start out a little better.

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